DWYG (Lips 106)
Lips106ahr logo
Current logo of Lips 106
Broadcast area Metro Manila; CALABARZON; Northern Mindoro island (including Lubang Island); parts of Marinduque, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan; and WORLDWIDE (via online webcast)
Slogan All-hit Radio

KaLiPS KnB? Ramdam ang Lakas!

Format Rhythmic CHR as Rockstar Radio

Oldies, soft AC, adult hits as Lips 106

Power 20,000 watts
ERP 106,910 watts
Callsign meaning DW Yodel Guanzon (former owner)

DWYG (106.3 FM), under the brand Lips 106, is a music and commercial broadcast radio station owned by Rockstar Broadcasting Systems in the Philippines. It is currently operated and the flagship FM station of its parent network, AMP Broadcasting Network, Inc. The station's studio is located at The New Broadcast Plaza, Sumulong Highway, Sto. Nino, Marikina City while its main transmission facilities is located atop Mount Maculot, Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Cuenca, Batangas. Lips 106 is a 24-hour operating station except on Sundays where it signs-off at 10:35 pm to 3:55 am of Monday and except for Holy Week of each year where it signs-off at midnight of Good Friday and lasts until 4:55 am of Easter Sunday.

Lips 106 is well-known for its ability to broadcast at a very powerful reach, one of the two radio stations (the other being 104.7 Brigada News FM National) broadcasting out of the Greater Manila Area, extending its primary coverage to the rest of South Luzon (excluding Romblon and Palawan). The station alone can be heard from as far as Unisan, Quezon up to Malolos City in Bulacan at its clearest and uninterrupted reception, which is helm as the strongest FM radio wave in the country. Aside from being one of the powerful FM stations, it is also famous for directly competing and resembling the format of Lucena-based 95.1 Kiss FM.

Today, Lips 106 is considered to be a breakthrough in Philippine radio. Regardless with its terrestrial broadcast capability, native on-air language and its nostalgic, hometown radio feel which is usually popular in the provinces, the station’s indisputable, decent and unique programming has indulged a vast amount of the upscale market from across the globe, compared to pure “masa” stations, which cater mostly to the Millennials/Generation Z cohorts and lower classes.


The original DWYG traces its roots to religious television station, GIC or God’s International Channel, which was launched way back late 2004, broadcasting at VHF TV-10 catering a small local community in the City of Marikina. Formerly an independent station, founded by colleagues Yodel L. Guanzon and Paul Lorenz Arcilla. Barely two weeks since its launch date, Guanzon adopted the “DWYG” call letters for the station, which was derived from the initials of his name. Its programming was mostly intended for religious purposes and covered events such as church activities in the said community. As a non-commercial LPTV station, it operated without financial compensation. It never had any source of income to maintain its operations, neither it had appropriate license from the National Telecommunications Commission. As an outcome, they decided to discontinue broadcast and went off-air sometime in June 2005.

Two months later, on August 2005, the AMP Broadcasting Network and its management spearheaded by Victorio Dominguez went into an agreement with Guanzon to acquire their station in exchange of upgrading their facilities, as well as for the application of a radio-TV congressional franchise, thus resuming operations. After its immediate acquisition, AMP formed its new subsidiary radio and television network, doing business under the trade name, Rockstar Broadcasting Systems. This saw birth to a new FM radio station and a revitalized television channel. These stations were labeled DWYG-FM 99.1 (the frequency was later assigned to AMP’s Head Radio) and DWYG-TV respectively.

Both were initially authorized for test broadcast up until the first quarter of 2006, when the NTC finally issued a permit to operate by virtue of a Republic Act (R.A.) granted by the Congress of The Philippines. The radio station premiered as Rockstar Radio playing hip-hop and R&B hits. 

Rockstar radio

Rockstar Radio logo used from August 2005 to March 2007

In early December 2006, Rockstar Radio ceased its transmission due to shifting of frequencies from 99.1 MHz to 105.9 MHz, after Rajah Broadcasting Network bought the rights of 105.9 (now Like FM 105.9) and temporarily lended it to Rockstar Radio for it not to become vacant during the preparation of RJ Underground Radio which lasted for roughly about 6 months. Rockstar Radio started broadcasting on 105.9 in January 2007.

From Rockstar Radio to Lips 106

Several days after it went back on the air, Dominguez was secretly plotting out plans for a general make-over to the station. Later on, he revealed it during their annual stockholders meeting together with AMP/RBS board members, one of which he apparently wanted to refurbish the station's transmission facilities to reach a greater audience and to increase revenue. The station again ceased transmission to pave a way for the major upgrade which was then speculated by some that it would also be reformatted to a mass-based station.

Upon completion in April 2007, it finally returned on-air but not as what was expected by its avid listeners and fans. The station had undergone a major reformat as DWYG-FM was rebranded as Lips 106, playing oldies music, a format highly identical to that of 95.1 KiSS-FM with on-air jocks speaking only in Tagalog (especially the timechecks), almost comparable to the style of a "masa" radio station. The branding was taken from a fictional radio station of the same name in the Grand Theft Auto series of video games. It has been a 100% turnaround from the former Rockstar Radio format. 

Their newly enhanced transmission equipment has been moved from Marikina to Mount Makulot in Cuenca, Batangas, near the Taal Volcano. It's new effective radiated power was able to overwhelmingly widen their broadcast, beaming it to the entire Southern Tagalog area including Metro Manila, thus nicknamed the most powerful FM radio station by that time. It also introduced and institutionalized the radio announcers from its sister station, DZAM and announcers from other stations who started working as DJs like Victorio Dominguez and Yodel Guanzon. 
Lips 106

Lips 106 logo used from April 2007 to July 2007

Lips106 logo

Lips 106 logo used from July 2007 to April 2008

In July 2007, a few months just before the station's license was about to expire and be revalidated, Lips 106 for the first time briefly went off-the-air to make way for the launching of RJ Underground Radio. Due to the crowded FM radio spectrum and conflict in channel spacing regulations in Metro Manila, their application for renewal was instead turned over to NTC-Region IV and was assigned to a new, permanent frequency, 106.3 MHz.

Another reformat a year after

On April 12, 2008, Lips 106 launched the tagline "KaLips KNB?", in which they pertain to their loyal listeners as "KaLips", colloquially "Kanguso". In line with its first year anniversary, the station had another minor reformat. It adds Guanzon's formula for a more modern programming which he described as the music hits ranging from the late 90's to the present. It later made it to adopt one more tagline, "All-hit Radio" and was included on their new monochromatic logo featuring a headset and a Pricedown font. They also launched the radio programs, "Modern Music Variety" which airs every Monday to Friday and "The Weekly Top20 Hits NGAYON!" every Saturday of the week and even a simulcast of SB Intriga from Channel 6 aired on the same day, 3-4pm during the FRC block.


Lips 106 logo used until August 2008

Additional jocks were installed and started broadcasting with the Kuya/Ate tags on their air names, also similar to KissFM (i.e. Kuya JV, Kuya Yudz, Kuya Teds, Kuya Pao, and Kuya Jay-R, with the exception of DJ Mar, DJ Rusty, and DJDJ). With the advent of webcasting, Lips 106 engaged in streaming media technologies and has been heard worldwide via through Nullsoft's SHOUTcast server.

Lips 106 then redesigned its current logo, dropping the headset and transforming it to color, but retaining the original Pricedown font. It was unveiled on August 2008 and by November, they joined the webcasting community and began to stream their audio feed in stereophonic sound.

Lips 106 today

During its 2nd anniversary celebration as Lips 106 in early 2009, it started to frequently air several versions of the liner "Good Time Oldies..." attached to some of their station IDs queued in between songs, and later formally proclaimed itself as "Your Good Time Oldies Station!".

Last September 24, 2009, the Philippines was struck by the devastating Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) which caused heavy rains and widespread flooding. Marikina City, where the Annex compound of AMP (now "AMP-Broadcast Plaza") is located, was the most devastated area in Metro Manila. The ground level of Phase II building in Sumulong Highway, wherein the new offices, studios and RBS stations were housed, including internet cafés, convenience stores and other business entities was completely submerged in flood water up to ten feet deep and tons of knee-deep mud. Major power outages occured and two generator units of the establishment were also submerged. This caused AMP broadcast operations in Marikina to be suspended.

Lips 106 and Rockstar TV were shut down for almost a month due to the damages left by the calamity. Lips 106 resumed broadcast by late October, only on the airwaves running in an automated playlist. Regular programming and online streaming was fully restored by January 2010.

In its third year anniversary, the station introduced their new text messaging system to its listeners, powered by txtJock. On June 13, 2010, AMP launched 10 regional Lips FM stations nationwide with ceremonial activities held in Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, General Santos, Legaspi, Naga, Puerto Princesa and Zamboanga in line with the Network's 52nd year anniversary. Also featured on national television in 6AMP's Sunday afternoon musical variety show.

In 2012, AMP installed a low-power relay transmitter for the station in Santa Cruz, Antipolo City which served as a backup facility due to the intermittent power interruptions at the Mt. Maculot transmitter site. The 1 kW FM transmitter from Quark Electronics was temporarily activated whenever the Batangas core facility is down or under preventive maintenance, and was only heard within a limited area. However, rendered inefficient, the relay station was shut down in 2015.

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Lips106 booth from 2008 to April 2015

11407343 1153426038007488 1641942124 n

Lips106 studio at Imus City, Cavite from May 2015 to June 2016

There are also on-going studies and negotiations to entirely transfer its main transmission facilities to Mount Sungay in Tagaytay City to address the signal reception problems of 106.3 FM experienced by listeners in the province of Cavite. Recently, Lips 106 temporarily moved from its former studio in Marikina to Barangay Anabu II-E, Imus City, Cavite to implement cost-cutting measures so ordered by the Network's management.


Lips106 new booth and studio since July 2016

Program Line-up

Monday-Friday 7-9AM Mornings @ Lips! - Kuya JV 9-11:30AM Modern Music Variety - Kuya Teds & DJ Rusty 11:30AM-12:30PM Ballroom Dance Music (Automated) 12:30-1PM The Best of Marches (Automated) 1-4PM Classic Hits of the Yesteryears - 4-7PM Lips FRC (Folk, Rock & Country) - DJ Rusty 7-7:30PM Your Evening Show (Part I) - Kuya JV 7:30-8:10PM 'Wag Ka Nang Malungkot, O Mag-praise the Lord! (Religious Program simulcast Live from Lucena City, 95.1 KissFM) - Pr. Alan Zurbano (MWF)/Pr. August Rojas (TTH) 8:10-10PM* Your Evening Show (Part II) - Kuya JV *9-9:30PM Light @ Night with Kuya Jeff (every Monday) 10-11PM Classical/Orchestral Music (Automated) 11PM-(Succeeding Day*)4AM Anytime Is A Good Time! (Oldies Music Automation) *11PM-(Saturday)7:30AM Music Automation

Saturday 7:30-9:30AM Pusong Ala-eh! (Simulcast from GV 99.9 Batangas) - DJ Ronney 11:30AM-12:30PM Ballroom Dance Music (Automated) 12:30-4PM Music Automation 4-5PM Basta LoveLife Radio Show - "Kuya" Kevin Sanders & Kuya Erwin 5-7PM The Weekly Top20 Hits NGAYON! - DJ Mar 7-9PM Untitled Live Program of Jeffrey Figueroa with guests (temporary) 9PM-(Sunday)5AM Music Automation

Sunday (Lips FM Day) 5-8:30AM Golden Lips Sunday - Kuya JV 8:30-11AM Tagalog Jukebox Hits, Kundiman & Harana (Automated) 11AM-12:30PM Sayawan Showdown 2damaX - Kuya Jay-R 12:30-3PM Love Songs on Lips - Kuya Yudz 3-6PM Lips FRC (Weekend Edition) - DJ Rusty 6-7:30PM TMR The Most Requested - DJDJ 7:30-9:30PM Glory and Praise, The Best of Religious Music and Talk - PJ Mariano & Kuya JV 9:30-10:30PM Ballroom Dance Music (Automated) 10:30PM-(Monday)4AM SIGN OFF

Former Disk Jockeys

99.1/105.9 Rockstar Radio (August 2005 - March 2007)

  • Forth Right MC
  • The Love Giant
  • Julio G.
  • Sage

Lips 106 (April 2007 - April 2008)

  • Master Head
  • DJB (now known as Kuya JV)
  • Darryl S. (returned as Kuya Dha)
  • Henry Kiss
  • Johnny Thor
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